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Swimming Pool Pumps & Filters




This is the motor that runs to circulate the pool water.  It consists of the prefilter basket, the impeller and the motor.   The water enters the pump from the front of the prefilter basket which collects large debris.  It is pumped up by the impeller found behind the prefilter basket out the top pipe.  


The prefilter cover is transparent so you can see if the basket is clean.  It can be opened to clean the pump basket and must be closed very airtight. Under the cover there is a rubber seal which must be cleaned and replaced in its channel before the cover is secured.  Do not overtight the cover.





The filter cleans the water that flows through and collects the dirt in its medium.There are 3 major types of pool filters, Sand filters, Cartridge filters and Diatomaceous Earth (DE).

The most commonly used type is Sand filter.The filter is filled with sand and in some large size filters there is a bed of gravel at the bottom.The water enters the filter from the top and travels down through the sand and exits from the bottom through the laterals.Dirt, algae and other unwanted matter is trapped in the sand thus the water exits clean.

As the dirt accumulates in the filter the pressure of the filter rise as a result of increased resistance, and this is shown on the pressure gauge installed on most of the filters. The normal pressure is 0.6 – 1.0 bar.The normal pressure is usually indicated on the filter gauge by the manufacturer frequently colored green.If the pressure rises by 0.5 bar the filter needs cleaning called Backwash.

The filter is cleaned with the backwash function.This is the flow of water backwards from bottom to top and the dirt is pushed out from the filter.The dirty water is sent to the sewage or the backwash pit.

The sand in the filter must be opened every 3 months for foreign matters and replacement is recommended every 3 years.


You must always check the pressure gauge to ensure the filter operates normally.If the pressure gauge indicates extremely high pressure frequently indicated with red the water flow is probably blocked.Stop the pump immediately to avoid filter bursting and call for technical assistance.

The direction of flow in the filter is controlled by the multiport valve selection handle.




The Multiport valve:


Relax Swimming Pools Cyprus multiport filter valve

The Multiport valve is connected to the filter and its function is to direct the water flow based on the selected setting as shown below:


FilterWater from pump through the filter and out to the pool.Normal operation and vacuuming pool through the filter.



BackwashWater from the pump reverse through the filter and out to waste. Setting for cleaning the filter (backwash procedure).


RinseWater from the pump through the filter and out to waste. Setting for rinsing procedure after backwash.



WasteWater from pump directly out to waste. Filter not used. Setting for draining or cleaning the pool from dirt without the filter.



ClosedFor shutting off all flow and pool. Never turn on the pump while valve is closed. If you do that by mistake the valve will be blocked. In such a case call your technician for support.



RecirculateRecirculate water from pump directly to the pool. Filter not used. The valve handle must be pressed down and turned slowly to desired setting.




Backwash for sand filters.


Backwash is required when excessive dirt accumulates in the filter and the pressure gauge indicates a rise pressure of 0.5 bar above normal pressure.


 The backwash procedure is as follows: 


  1. Turn the pump off.
  2. Ensure that suction and backwash lines are open.
  3. Open and clean the pump basket. Ensure the lid closes securely.
  4. Open backwash pipe valve.
  5. Position multiport valve to “Backwash” setting.
  6. Start pump and inspect the water flowing through the sight glass. Run the pump for approximately 2-3 minutes or until the water flowing through the sight glass is clear.
  7. Turn off pump.
  8. Position multiport valve to Rinse setting (on some filters it is “Filter to Waste”).
  9. Start pump for 20 seconds.
  10. Turn pump off.
  11. Position multiport valve to filter.
  12. Close the backwash pipe valve (if a ball valve is installed).
  13. Start the pump for normal operation. Inspect for water leaks through the pump basket. If the pump is leaking ensure it is fastened securely and that the gasket is clean.Check that the pressure on the filter is normal.
  14. Add water in the pool to normal level.