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Relax SPA


Every RELAX SPA is sculpted to offer a fully hydrotherapeutic experience, while  accommodating different  body types and sizes. Advanced Hydrotherapy and Form-Fitting Ergonomic Seating.


Exclusive Sentry command Controls


You can easily customize water and air pressure, jet selection and jet direction. Filtration and temperature   adjustments are fully programmable. Functions you use most are controlled with just one button.


Reliable Sentry Smart Heater

Relax Spa has titanium oil that directly heats the water, significantly increasing thermal efficiency and cost savings.


Powerful, Energy-efficient Pump

An efficient, whisper– quiet filtration mode provides continuous filtration and ozone production.


Fingertip Controls

Air controls and massage selectors are within arm’s  length of every seat. An Orchestration of Jets. Nine unique jets let you create a blend of Eastern, Western, Swedish or Shiatsu massage, for an experience  as gentle of  bold as  you wish.


APHRODITE 220x220x92ARTEMIS 082348 228x228x92ATHENA SKT338E2 228x228x94
EROS SKT335C 205x155x77IRIS SPA  Dim: 209X159SWIM SPA (2) 380x228x116
SWIM SPA (6) 380x228x116SWIM SPA SKT339F 380x228x116THALIA SKT338B-2 191x191x82

Purging and Powerful Filtration

Filters are the largest in any portable spa, and provide maximum filtration even when the spa is in use. Super—sized filters , combined with ozone options, ensure clean water with oss mainer.


Durable, Attractive , Top Quality skirt

Relax Spa  only uses selected red wood and wood plastic composites skirt for your cabinetry, assuring extra long life.


Sense, Full-Foam Insulation

Full foaming conserves heat and provides  additional support for spa plumbing. Relax Spa uses two kinds  of  foam: high– density, heat– resistant foam surrounding the equipment bay; and a lighter more insulating foam for the remaining.


No chemicals  are added to the water.

Scent– impregnated beads, a dedicated blower, and our air injector jets, envelop in fragrance.

Relax Spa pioneer the harness plumbing, with enables  more precise clustering of set, equal water pressure to each jet, freater pumping efficiency, and more secure fittings plumbing.


Water inlet and outlet